When we talk about Warehouse Management we mean not only actual warehouses but all facilities where products are being kept. This feature is encompassing the management of all activities related to maintaining a physical stock of items.

To be able to facilitate execution or WH activities with Crowd Chain, certain configurations are done, such as setting up the physical WH structure; sections, shelves, bins etc. There are also certain characteristics such as order execution standard lead times that has to be configured.

The main operational activities include Goods Receipt (GR), Putaway (or positioning), Pick, Pack and Dispatch.

Related activities required for housekeeping are also Stock-counting and internal goods transfers.

Other activities performed in the warehouse includes maintaining of quarantine goods and unusable goods such as expired or rejected items. These activities are described in Process Quality Management.

The user may also need to get a good overview of the content of the WH.

A WH is the place where products are stored. A WH does not necessary consist of a conventional arrangement of racks and shelves, but may be just a location with no specified structure. Organizations may also store products on behalf of their clients. Such organizations are typically called Third Party Logistics Providers (3PL).

In some scenarios it may be beneficial to create a multi-tier arrangement, consisting of a central WH supplying to several satellite WH. In such scenarios, Crowd Chain may be configured as several sub-subscriptions and thereby easily manage the internal trade and transfer of products.

ChainX WH
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