One of the core features of ChainX is the product catalog. Here you can create products of different characteristics.

You can manage many types of products in the catalog; physical items and virtual items like services and downloadable products.

In addition, The product catalog also gives you the ability to add custom fields for a product.
And of course it is possible to add a rich content as descriptions and images.

In ChainX we have defined a product as anything that is possible to uniquely define by a set of parameters and characteristics, it can be physical items, licenses or downloadable products or services. Of course it can also be a combination of these.

Products are defined by a set of parameters such as category, relation to other products, price, name etc.

The product catalogue allows the user to manage products in various ways such as creating, editing, publishing, producing and trading.


A product is a well defined entity that can be purchased, manufactured, delivered, consumed and/or sold.

Some entities are crucial to bear in mind when discussing products.

We can specify items into:


  • A product is an Item that can be sold. It may be physical or virtual. It may also be recurring (like a subscription) it may also be a right (like a license).
  • Physical products can be stocked.
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