Everyone managing a warehouse or any sort of inventory knows that it is essential to keep a good structure and maintain good order. Not only is it required to apply a structured way of handling Goods Receipts, putaway and picking. Sometimes you need to rearrange items of various reasons. After quality inspection, you need to manage items from quarantine to approved or rejected stock. Sometimes you just need to move things around.

It is easy to move products from one place in your inventory to another by using the Crowd Chain Goods Transfer feature. The user wants to transfer goods from one WH location to another.

We highly recommend that you do it by using the Crowd Chain mobile app. Then you can either use the camera in the mobile device for scanning of barcodes, QR-codes or nfs.

You can also use the Crowd Chain web application and scan if you have configured a scanning device. Of course, you can always enter the product details and make the product transfer by using the keyboard.

ChainX WH
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