We have created a mobile app to simplify the operational order fulfillment activities. The ChainX mobile app will help you in all operational situations where you need to do scanning, taking photos, capturing the position etc. The ChainX mobile app comes for iOS and Android.

Some activities, such as Goods Receipt, Positioning, Picking, Packing, Dispatching and Recording of Quality issues are are easier to with a mobile device than with a web application. We created the ChainX mobile app to simplify the operational order fulfillment activities.

Designed for all operational core activities

You can do all operational core activities, like Goods receipt, putaway, pick, pack and dispatch in the mobile app. The mobile app allows scanning and reporting of other events in the process chain, such as pass/fail incoming goods inspection, delivered to destination etc. ChainX  mobile app is designed to use the mobile camera to take photos and do scanning. The mobile app also allows the user to record quality issues and to attach photos that are attached to the quality issues. When using the mobile app with an Android or IOS smartphone or tablet you can perform all activities. You do not need any additional equipment to use the app.

Supporting IR scanning and nfc

For higher volume operations it is possible to connect a scanning device to speed up the operation. In certain situations such as high volume scanning, the mobile device camera may feel slow. Therefore, we have also created a Bluetooth connection, so that you can use an IR scanner or similar.

The mobile app is also prepared for nfc (Near Field Communication). Most new mobile devices now comes with this feature. If your mobile device has nfc reading/writing capabilities, the app also supports the use of nfc tags in your operation.

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