Supply Chain Management Key Features in ChainX

ChainX includes all the Supply Chain Management Key Features you would typically need. These are features that improve your ability to operate and optimize your Supply Chain and order fulfillment.

There is a wide range of features that you will enjoy with a ChainX subscription. Please browse through our feature descriptions to get an understanding of what you would get with a ChainX subscription. Dive down and read more about the features and how you could benefit from a ChainX subscription.

Your ChainX subscription comes with a lot of usable features. At its core you have the features helping you to easily manage products and related activities. To provide you with good assistance in your supply chain management initiatives, we are providing a range of features and functions. These are all spanning from Purchasing and supplier management to Managing your customer relations and order fulfillment activities such as picking, packing and dispatching.

Some other features worth mentioning are quotation management and quality management. Another good feature that comes with ChainX is that all events are captured, so you get a very good audit trail on what was done, when, where and by which user.

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