This solution is for 3PL and merchants

If you came here, you are probably running a business as a Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL) and having merchants as some of your customers. Or maybe you are a customer to a 3PL. Regardless, you may think that ChainX can help you in your business. We think so too.

This solution is optimized for 3PL and merchants

The 3PL subscription is free of charge, and you only advise your merchants to sign up for merchant subscriptions, then you can easily provide your services to your customers.

If you are a merchant, using a 3PL for your order fulfillment services, contact us and let us help you getting your 3PL onboard ChainX! You will be rewarded in many ways! Sign up for a merchant subscription and refer to your Subscription ID when you are referring to

We have prepared this configuration template to make it easy for you to get started. You can reconfigure your account anytime, to fit your ChainX account to your own business needs.

Simplifying order fulfillment for 3PL and merchants

ChainX for 3PL is preconfigured for setting up your Warehouse and provide services to your customers, we call them “merchants” and assisting you in providing your services to your merchants.

It is also prepared so that you can quickly set up your warehouse structure and start receiving the products you are ordering from your suppliers and delivering the products on behalf of your customers.

We know how difficult it can be to facilitate the order fulfillment for a variety of companies, each one having their own way of doing their business. As a 3PL it is important to have an efficient operation, which is hard if you have to implement different processes to fit in to the supply chain of each of your customer. By having your customers coming onboard to ChainX as a the common platform you will overcome these challenges.

The general 3PL/merchant process as we have defined it in ChainX is a Logistics Service Provider that is providing warehouse services, distribution services and sometimes added value services to their customers. Typically, customers may be wholesellers, online merchants or manufacturing companies. If your business has a similar structure, we recommend that you select ChainX for 3PL.

This is just a touch on the surface of what you can do. Read more here about all the features you will get with your ChainX subscription! Sign up for a free subscription and try it out to learn more !I

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