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The Business solution templates provided by ChainX is a set of preconfigured templates to fit a variety of requirements. The purpose is that organizations with different business processes should be able to find a suitable solution template to start with. Every company is doing their business in a unique way. Over the years we have learnt that there are some more common types of companies that share certain characteristics. To make it swift and easy to get started with ChainX, we have created a number of pre-configured set-ups for a variety of businesses.

Please browse through these set-ups to see which one that is most suitable for you to start with. If you prefer, you can of course configure your own set-up without using a preset. Regardless what set-up you start with, you can always modify your configuration to fit your needs.

By looking into pre-configured Business Solution templates, subscribers will also be able to enjoy benefits from learning best practices that are inherent in the various templates.

We have created preconfigured solutions for wholesales companies, 3PL providers, drop shipments and online merchants. In our development pipeline we have also planned solutions for light assembly, renting business and general service management.

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