If you are looking for an order management system for your order fulfillment, you have found the right place. CrowdChain is a lightweight ERP solution for SME and for others. It is provided as a web based, flexible business application that helps you to manage products, orders, payments, inventory and much more.

Simplifying business

Over the last 50 years, trade and business has undergone dramatic changes. To a large extent, this is a consequence of better and cheaper communication and transportation. This allowed trading parties to overcome barriers of distance, information sharing, moving goods, providing services and transfer of money. As a consequence, various e-commerce solutions, customized IT applications and ERP systems have emerged. These are all aimed to facilitate the utilization of these new possibilities. Over the years, many of these applications have also transformed into systems that are complicating rather than simplifying the lives for their users. In addition, any business that want to get any benefit out of these opportunities, somehow also needs to put them together into an integrated working system.

CrowdChain is an ERP solution for SME and for others

Companies wishing to enjoy the benefits of this kind of tools have mainly had two main options. Either they could go for a conventional ERP system costing big money and requiring a hefty implementation project. Or, they could develop and assemble their own solutions from the myriad of small tools and applications that are available. Both these options have obvious drawbacks. They are either expensive or time consuming, sometimes both. Many times they do not even fill their purpose. We wanted to change this and knew we could provide a better option. Therefore, we created CrowdChain.

A flexible business management platform

We think that an ERP solution for SME and for others does not have to be heavy, expensive and complex. From the ground, CrowdChain is designed for the connected community, with modern and robust technology. This means that CrowdChain lacks the legacy and dead weight that most traditional ERP vendors are still suffering. This allowed us to make CrowdChain simple, lightweight, yet configurable. Therefore, it is easy to configure CrowdChain to a wide range of business scenarios.

Who is CrowdChain for

CrowdChain adds benefit for any organization engaged in sellingbuying or managing products and services in some way. CrowdChain will fit the need for both small and large companies. You may be running a small company and want to introduce more support and structure to simplify and improve. Or maybe you represent a large enterprise about to undergo a change and the prospect of undertaking a huge traditional ERP project is not so tempting. Regardless, CrowdChain will be useful.

How to start with CrowdChain

You can start with one of our preconfigured solutions or you can configure your own solution. Regardless the character of your business, you can start using the CrowdChain platform and be up and running straight away. Over time you can also activate more functions and features. By using CrowdChain as a base you will also be able to enjoy the benefits of our competitive customer service offerings made by ourselves and our integration partners. One approach to get started is to hook it up and run it along with your current system your business. Then we suggest you select the preconfigured monitoring solution.


Here you can read more about the company behind CrowdChain.

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