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Our vision is to give small and medium sized businesses the same capabilities and efficiency that we had been able to help to unleash in our previous work with large multinationals. We obtaied this by bundling the best practices into a web based Supply Chain Management Application. Read more CrowdChain is a cloud based solution for order management and Supply Chain Management. If you are looking for a SaaS solution to improve your supply, sourcing and order fulfillment, you have found the right place. CrowdChain is an ERP application for SME and for other types of companies. Our flexible software platform helps you to manage products, orders, payments, inventory and much more. CrowdChain is provided as a web based service, so you don´t have to bother with hardware specifications and license related issues. It is easy for you to sign up for a subscription. We will also always make sure to keep you on the best subscription level based on your usage of the system. In the

About CrowdChain

If you are looking for an order management system for your order fulfillment, you have found the right place. CrowdChain is a lightweight ERP solution for SME and for others. It is provided as a web based, flexible business application that helps you to manage products, orders, payments, inventory and much more. Read more Simplifying business Over the last 50 years, trade and business has undergone dramatic changes. To a large extent, this is a consequence of better and cheaper communication and transportation. This allowed trading parties to overcome barriers of distance, information sharing, moving goods, providing services and transfer of money. As a consequence, various e-commerce solutions, customized IT applications and ERP systems have emerged. These are all aimed to facilitate the utilization of these new possibilities. Over the years, many of these applications have also transformed into systems that are complicating rather than simplifying the lives for their users. In a

Supply Chain Management Key Features in CrowdChain

Supply Chain Management Key Features in CrowdChain CrowdChain includes all the Supply Chain Management Key Features you would typically need. These are features that improve your ability to operate and optimize your Supply Chain and order fulfillment. There is a wide range of features that you will enjoy with a CrowdChain subscription. Please browse through our feature descriptions to get an understanding of what you would get with a CrowdChain subscription. Dive down and read more about the features and how you could benefit from a CrowdChain subscription. Read more Your CrowdChain subscription comes with a lot of usable features. At its core you have the features helping you to easily manage products and related activities. To provide you with good assistance in your supply chain management initiatives, we are providing a range of features and functions. These are all spanning from Purchasing and supplier management to Managing your customer relations and order fulfillment

How to set up a temporary Project Warehouse in CrowdChain

One of the original key purposes with CrowdChain was to create a tool to manage temporary remotely located projects. Especially in situations when these projects had to be delivered efficiently and with a high level of quality and control.Over the years, we have been working extensively with temporary projects of different types that had to be managed in various places. The nature of these projects were covering a wide span. Some of the projects has been the commissioning of IT-engineers into customer-teams located overseas. In others, the main challenges were to set up teams and implement temporary logistics operations in remote locations.Today we will explain how CrowdChain can be used to facilitate a temporary and remotely located logistical challenge. Read more What is required for a successful local projectThe three key factors for success in a temporary local project is to have good people, good processes and a good system.If you have good people.

Business Solution templates provided by CrowdChain

Get more benefits from Best Practices The Business solution templates provided by CrowdChain is a set of preconfigured templates to fit a variety of requirements. The purpose is that organizations with different business processes should be able to find a suitable solution template to start with. Every company is doing their business in a unique way. Over the years we have learnt that there are some more common types of companies that share certain characteristics. To make it swift and easy to get started with CrowdChain, we have created a number of pre-configured set-ups for a variety of businesses. Read more Please browse through these set-ups to see which one that is most suitable for you to start with. If you prefer, you can of course configure your own set-up without using a preset. Regardless what set-up you start with, you can always modify your configuration to fit your needs. By looking into pre-configured Business Solution templates, subscribers will also be able to enjoy