As a subscriber you can select wether you will do incoming goods inspection with ChainX or not. You can do that selection on product level. This means that you can have Incoming inspection for some products and skip it for others.

If you select If the Subscriber account has enabled incoming inspection, then the Purchase order-line status will be Quarantine after Goods recipt.

  1. User selects incoming products inspection and selects (in similar way as for Goods Receipt) the actual order line.
  2. System displays all Purchase Orders with order lines in quarantine.
  3. User selects orderline and change all or part of the quantity to “Approved” or “Rejected”
  4. User is repositioning the approved or rejected quantity into a Warehouse position with corresponding character as the selected status (approved or rejected).
  5. If Incoming goods inspection is TRUE only approved Goods may be put away in Warehouse position with “Approved” character and all rejected Goods must be placed in Warehouse position with “Rejected” character”.
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