How to improve your sourcing and procurment

When using Crowd Chain Quotations, you are speeding up and simplifying the sourcing and procurement process.

Crowd Chain quotations works in two directions; when you are buying and when you are selling.

Get better results from your RFQ work

Using Crowd Chain Quotations when buying you start by issuing a Request for Quotation (RFQ). You know what you need to buy, but you do not know wherefrom and what will be price and conditions. You simply create an RFQ and add the products and services you need to buy. The application will guide you through everything.

Thereafter you send that RFQ to , just check the suppliers that you want to ask.

When receiving Quotations from your potential suppliers, you can attach them to the RFQ record. When you are happy with a Quotation you just appoint that supplier, and you are ready to place a purchase order.

Be more successful in your bidding

Using Crowd Chain when you are Selling is even simpler. When you receive an RFQ from a potential customer, you create a Quotation and add the products and services for which the potential client is asking your Quotation. You can of course attach the RFQ document to the Quotation record. Then you just issue and send the Quotation to the potential client.

If the potential client accepts your Quotation, you can just update it accordingly and send it to the client as a Sales Order confirmation.

If the party you are trading with are also using Crowd Chain, the extra bonus is that the process is extremely smooth. The whole bidding process can be executed completely in the application, and you do not need to exchange emails or similar, and you do not need to manually add product and price information.

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